How it all started

The Jam Factory coworking space is owned by its largest tenant, the tech company Retreat Guru, which provides software and on-line support for the massive global wellness industy.

When Retreat Guru began searching for appropriate space to grow, the Jam Factory had been sitting idle for two years. Nelson natives will remember it as the Chinese Medicine School, and prior to that as The Cattle Company, a massive steak house that long-timers still miss. 


The building's humble facade belies its elegance and grandeur with high ceilings and exposed stone, that more than a century ago was home to a packaging plant for preserves. Pictured here is the original labeling machine.

Retreat Guru's co-founders, the brothers Deryk and Cameron Wenaus, fell in love with the property, but at 8,000 sq. ft. it was too large for the start-up to fill on its own. So they decided to renovate and to invite other companies and entrepreneurs to share.


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